Records Retrieval & Research

Our records team specializes in obtaining records of all types including medical, employment, payroll, billing, and more. We perform all documentary needs including formatting, duplication, Bates Stamping, and archival. Let us handle your document needs.

Compile Information

We can obtain documents from various locations. We will organize the documents and process them to meet your needs.

Certify and Deliver

Notary public services throughout the state. Get documents notarized quickly and easily. We also offer Letters Rogatory services and can open cases across the state and across jurisdictional lines.

Notary public stamp

Online Records Repository

Our online records repository allows you to access records quickly and easily from anywhere. It provides a secure connection to view and even download the documents that you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High-Volume Processing

We have the capabilities to accept and process high volumes of documents. Whether the documents are digital or physical copies, we can process, duplicate, Bates Stamp, and archive them just like any others.

We are able to process high volumes of information.

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