Court Reporting

Continental Court Reporters, Inc. has built a strong network of dedicated and skilled court reporters. Backed by years of experience, our reporters will get the job done with unmatched accuracy. No matter your needs, we have reporters that can tackle the task at hand. Our reporters are dedicated to you and provide exceptional customer service, fast turnaround times, and the most accurate record.

We make sure that our reporters are up to the job.

Quality Reporters

We scavenge the market looking for the best reporters out there. Our court reporters are skilled, qualified and can handle any situation that comes in front of them. They know what they are doing and can get the job done quickly and with the highest possible accuracy.

Tailored Service

We know that every situation is unique and we are able to adapt to each situation that we come across. Our reporters make sure everything is done to your specific needs.

Our service is universal and can meet anyone's needs.
Our team makes sure information is kept confidential.


Documents are kept secure and confidential and are only shared with parties that you authorize. Our online repository is encrypted to secure your data for peace of mind.

Worldwide Coverage

We have reporters across the nation and across the world. No matter where you need us, we can be there.

We provide service across the globe.

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