Legal Video

Continental’s Legal Videographers have the equipment and skill to produce a professional video of your deposition. We provide high-quality video recordings that set the standard for Legal Video.

professional videographer recording a deposition

Professional Team

Our experienced videographers work together with attorneys, witnesses, court reporters, and each other to make sure they provide the best possible services in the industry.

Professional Equipment

Our videographers use state-of-the-art equipment to provide a high-quality recording. Our high-definition professional video cameras and microphones allow us to capture crystal clear audio and video.

One of our top of the line video cameras.
Person editing video and audio files

High-End Software

We use high-end professional video software to capture the recordings. Our videographers are skilled at synchronizing video and text for use in various Presentation Software such as; Sanction, Trial Director, YesLaw and many others. Additional services we provide include: ELMO document projection, picture-in-picture, trial presentation, as well as additional monitors & laptops.

Cloud Backup

With the most recent trend of taking virtual depositions, all of our video recordings are backed up to the cloud. This adds an additional layer of redundancy and allows us to access the recordings for quick and easy editing.

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