Audio/Video Transcription

Continental Court Reporters, Inc. can take audio and video files and create transcripts from them. Our court reporters ensure that the transcription is as accurate as possible.

Unmatched Precision

Our reporters are unmatched in their ability to transcribe audio. They produce the best possible transcription for the quality of audio that is provided. Transcripts are checked and rechecked to ensure accuracy.

We meet your deadlines

At Continental Court Reporters, Inc. we know that you need things done expeditiously. We deliver quality transcriptions in a timely manner so you can get back to the other matters at hand. We handle rush orders often and always meet deadlines.

Numerous Formats

We can work with nearly any format audio/video. We can also provide you with the final format of your choice, certified, notarized or even synced with the original audio/video if desired.

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